Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Labour is generally considered ‘unskilled and manual’ but that vastly underestimates the importance of labourers and the considerable amount of skill needed. In recent years there has been resurgence in popularity of working within a number of trades as a labourer and their extreme value has started to come to the fore.

Labourers will work with any number of tools in a physical sense helping out on construction sites or house building projects. The range is vast and anyone can apply to become a labourer. In fact, out of all careers without a degree, manual labour pays higher than any other.

Many labouring companies offer apprenticeships and work experience opportunities. Candidates are advised to apply within their local area to gain employment.

In all cases experience will pay off. The most experienced will be paid more and gain greater responsibility. Safety is at all times a priority and labourers are under strict guide lines of how to act at all times when at work.

Work will be physical, potentially ‘dangerous’ and will require good teamwork to succeed.