Sunday, 21st April 2019


Farm managers (sometimes known as farm foremen) either run their own businesses or are employed to run a farm on behalf of the owner. Running a farm involves a variety of different tasks, from practical to administrative, all of which require strong organisational skills and business acumen.

Farm managers working on livestock farms must run a farm efficiently, safely and profitably. They supervise other farm workers and ensure that all tasks are completed on time and on budget.

Farming varies enormously depending on the local climate, soil and accessibility of markets for their produce, so a farm manager’s responsibilities depend on the type of crop farm they are managing. Fruit and vegetable farms will require completely different levels of care from wheat and cereal farms.

Certain daily tasks may depend on the individual farm or vary depending on the product being farmed. Typical duties of all crop farm managers are likely to include:

  • Harvesting and storing crops and checking the quality of all produce
  • Operating and maintaining machinery
  • Keeping up-to-date with precision farming research and new technologies
  • Ensuring that the farm adheres to all health and safety regulations and legislations
  • Recruiting and training staff
  • Monitoring the yield of the crops and setting production targets
  • Controlling any pests or crop diseases
  • Keeping financial records of all outgoings and expenses
  • Marketing and selling produce with buyers

Farm managers must have industry experience working on their specific type of farm. Larger farms will also often employ an assistant manager to help the manager when they are away from the farm or when they need to concentrate on more administrative tasks. Farm managers work closely with farm owners, as well as any farm management consultants or inspectors.

Farm managers should be good with numbers and have high levels of literacy as well as the practical knowledge and skills gained through experience. Essentially, regardless of their daily duties, farm managers have responsibility for all aspects of the farm.

Farm foreman are similar to farm managers, except that they may have a more supervisory and advisory role.