Friday, 19th April 2019


Fruit and vegetable growers have specific roles in the production areas of arable farming. Fruit and vegetables can be grown in protected areas (glass-houses and plastic-tunnels) or in fields, so the work of a fruit and vegetable grower can vary a lot depending on the type of farm and the type of food grown.

Fruit and vegetable growers know how to grow certain produce, from planting and nurturing seeds, to picking and harvesting the final products. It is a specialist field quite different from other areas of crop production, as often, particular fruit or vegetables need individual care and attention. Good practice in the workplace is of extreme importance, as there are number of food standard regulations that need to be followed.

Typical duties of a fruit and vegetable grower:

  • Sowing seeds, planting bulbs and growing produce
  • Nurturing growth by watering, weeding, pruning and feeding
  • Sourcing and applying nutrients to boost the health and growth of the plants
  • Identifying and dealing with diseases and pests
  • Maintaining tools, machinery and technical equipment
  • Ensuring that the plants are in the correct lighting and temperature
  • Identifying when produce is ready to be picked by hand or harvested
  • Maintaining site biosecurity

Fruit and vegetable growers will work as a team, creating a plan for the best method of care for optimum production. Monitoring the growth of the fruit and vegetables takes up a major part of the working day, with growers having to keep detailed and constantly-updated records of progress and final yield.

Once the produce is picked or harvested, growers must then safely pack and prepare it for transport or storage. Keeping the workplace clean, tidy and in accordance to health and safety laws can greatly affect the quality and yield of the produce.