Wednesday, 24th April 2019


A community dance practitioner’s main role is to work within a community as a workshop leader or teacher.

Also known as a community dance artist, they are responsible for choreographing and organising dance programmes, projects and shows with groups of people from all ages and walks of life.

The role can be linked to a variety of different employers, including professional dance company's, freelance or agencies. It will, however, normally be tied to one geographical area as one of the most important roles of a practitioner is to form relationships with people in the community they are working with.

The job will include a range of dance disciplines such as ballet, contemporary, street dance, creative movement and choreography. Dance classes will take place in a variety of different environments including community centres, homes for the elderly and youth centres.

Working with a community can be very rewarding and incredibly varied. Teaching a range of ages means you must be able to adapt your teaching at a moments notice to what suits the students. It is also important to build relationships with pupils and help them develop a love for dance by keep up to date with the latest dance trends and moves.