Thursday, 25th April 2019


Dance teachers work with aspiring dancers, children or adults, encouraging them to develop new dance skills and techniques. Dance teachers can teach all types of dance, from ballet and tap to salsa and street dance, and they can work in schools, gyms or community halls.

Dance teachers educate and instruct on different forms of dance at all levels of ability. They are likely to have been professional dancers previously, and have advanced skills in many genres of dance. The majority of a dance teacher’s time is spent teaching classes, dance routines and styles before providing feedback to pupils, helping them to improve their technique and timing. Dance teachers will often teach routines by breaking them down into phases and demonstrating them to the class.

Other work tasks may include some of the following:

  • Lesson planning
  • Teaching to a syllabus
  • Designing routines to teach
  • Selecting music for routines
  • Assessing the individual progress of pupils
  • Preparing pupils for examinations
  • Warming the class up and avoiding injury

Being a dance teacher is very hands-on. They need to keep physically fit and healthy by exercising and practicing routines in their own time. Having good choreography skills is important for creating new routines and teaching moves.

Hours can sometimes be irregular, depending on the time and schedule of the classes but the work can be quite varied. Sometimes dance teachers will prepare their class for a performance, so will also have to attend performances after school or at weekends.