Sunday, 19th May 2019


Electrics and electronics are a major part of our modern-day world; without them, we wouldn’t have any of the technology we use on a daily basis and would lose many sources of power that we might take for granted. The electrics and fibre optics job path makes up a substantial part of the building services sector, including 23,000 electrotechnical businesses and employing approximately 135,000 people (NationalCareersService).

Electronics is one of the main branches of electrical engineering, whether in domestic or commercial areas, and there are a number of different jobs in installation, servicing or repair. Jobs in this industry can vary greatly, depending on whether the focus is more on engineering or servicing.

Electronic servicing is involved in the servicing of appliances (household and otherwise), aerial systems, consumer electronics and power supplies. Electrotechnical work can involve advanced electrics such as fibre-optics or data-cabling. Electric engineers could find themselves involved in major building projects, or working in renewable energy and installing and maintaining electric networks around the country.

The industry has a variety of employers, ranging from small private installation companies specialising in a particular type of electrics or fibre optics to major power suppliers and local councils. People working electrics and electronic servicing could freelance or could be employed by major manufacturers or high street retailers.

The industry offers a great option for people wanting a career-change, as it is relatively easy to train for most positions, provided that a good level of education has been achieved (usually good GCSEs in English, Maths and a Science, preferably Physics). There are a number of industry-endorsed courses and apprenticeships available, with a greater importance placed on NVQs and other vocational qualifications. Few jobs in this sector require applicants to be educated to degree level. Valued skills in this sector include problem-solving, organisation and a good technical ability.