Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Satellite technicians work in a similar area to telecoms technicians, working in the installation and maintenance of communication systems. Focusing on communications satellites, satellite technicians will work in the installation and upgrading of systems used to transmit microwave radio signals from point to point. Satellite technology is commonly associated with television broadcasting, but is also used by telephone companies and large electrical retailers for sending data over the air.

Satellite technicians will be involved in fitting satellite systems for businesses or for domestic homes. Their knowledge of satellite technology and practical skill will be put to use in the installation of new dishes, or the upgrading of existing systems. This can include emergency call-outs for the repair or refitting of systems that may have been damaged by the weather.

It is a hand-on position, which requires a combination of technical knowledge and practical skill. A lot of the working day is spent out on call at specific sites, so there may be a lot of travel involved.

Typical tasks of a satellite technician will include:

  • Planning complex cabling networks
  • Installing and fitting aerials and satellite dishes
  • Checking signal strength levels and reception, in television or phones
  • Connecting wires and signal outlet sockets
  • Testing equipment and fixing any faults
  • Driving to and from clients

Satellite technicians can be employed by a number of different commercial companies, including television broadcasters and companies, installation companies, telephone services, and other large electrical retailers. The work could involve the use of a variety of equipment, including technical wiring tools, electric drills and signal quality meters. Each job can be different depending on the type of property that requires the satellite system to be fitted. Domestic calls are likely to require less complex procedures, as opposed to a call-out to a large industrial building.

Depending on their expertise, satellite technicians may also be able to work in other specialist fields such as in the armed forces or aerospace businesses.