Saturday, 20th April 2019


Food engineers are involved in all aspects of food production and processing, from the production of individual consumable products to the design and manufacture of the systems and machinery that make large-scale and cost-effective food production possible.

There are some principal areas that food engineers will become involved in. Most specialise in only one unless they are very experienced in which case they could oversee more. These areas include:

  • Machinery design
  • Process engineering
  • Food safety and presentation
  • Biotechnological processes of food production
  • Food packaging design
  • Quality control

Food engineers can work in a whole host of different environments:

  • Industrial and production plants
  • Consulting firms
  • Government
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Health care profession

Food, rather, the universal interest in food, has become more important over the past twenty years and now more than ever given the enormity of Britain's food and drink manufacturing industry. As a result, not only has the role of food engineer become more defined but the areas they can work in have grown accordingly and include the development of new products, quality, safety, health and longevity.