Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Marine engineering is the design, analysis and repair of boats, ships, oil rigs and any other water based structure or vessel that requires propulsion in water. There are four main categories that marine engineers can work in:

  • Ship and boat building and repair - Engineers will be involved in the design and maintenance of vessels large and small.
  • Offshore oil and gas - This includes rigs, pipelines and drilling.
  • Marine surveying - Engineers ensure all ships are seaworthy, safe and that they comply with all maintenance and repair regulations.
  • The Navy - The Royal Navy and its crafts rely heavily on the expertise of highly-skilled marine engineers.

Marine engineers will often work in teams, managing technicians, and can be away from home for a long time if they are working out at sea or in foreign countries. The UK Navy is the second largest in the world and many marine engineers have ties with the Armed Forces.

All marine engineering work is regulated by the Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology