Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Racehorse trainers work with Thoroughbred horses, preparing and training them for races and events. There are 600 licensed racehorse trainers working throughout the country, and a fairly healthy demand for their services, both nationally and internationally.

Trainers are responsible for the training, fitness and general wellbeing of horses that are to be entered into races or competitions. Horse owners will hire a racehorse trainer to devise a specific training programme for their horse in preparation for specific types of races. Racehorse trainers will then have to ensure that the training and feeding programme is implemented so that the horse has better stamina, health, fitness and technique to perform well in events. Trainers can specialise in flat or National Hunt racing.

  • Flat horseracing is where the horses race on a flat level track of pre-determined distance.
  • National Hunt horseracing involves horses running and jumping fences and ditches e.g. steeplechase or hurdles races.

Training a horse for a race is a full-time job and requires the trainer to plan each horse’s training like a business. They must plan, finance, meet clients, hire staff, contact suppliers and manage equipment and facilities.

The typical duties of a racehorse trainer when preparing a racehorse will include:

  • Planning and supervising the care and welfare of horses
  • Deciding on the feed, and inspecting horses' health
  • Planning and enforcing a training regime for each horse
  • Supervising horses during practice and training
  • Assessing progress and eligibility for races
  • Organising race entries and selecting jockeys and staff
  • Filling out essential documents e.g. passports, licenses, entries etc.
  • Attending the events entered

Racehorse trainers are the experts in their field and offer advice, guidance and assistance to the clients, owners and jockeys. Trainers can be self-employed or can work for a riding school or racehorse stables, but they must build good relationships with all their clients. Creating a good reputation for themselves, is very important in order to attract new business.