Wednesday, 24th April 2019


All types of equestrian businesses require someone to supervise the efficient running of the yard. Yard managers are employed to do just this, organising and running all aspects of the yard and stables on a day to day basis.

Yard managers, also known as stud managers, will have a variety of tasks, depending on the type of business that they work for. They could be employed by a riding school, a livery yard, or in competition horse stables. Regardless of the type of employer, yard managers will plan and maintain the care of the horses, ensure health and safety regulations are met, and supervise the staff.

General daily tasks of a yard manager might include some of the following:

  • Creating exercise plans for horses
  • Planning horses’ routine care including feeding, grooming, and general health
  • Organising vaccines, farriery, and dental care
  • Keeping records of horses, finances and accidents
  • Monitoring the site's health and safety, and first aid
  • General maintenance of stables, paddocks and grassland
  • Re-stocking feed and other supplies
  • Arranging the buying and selling of horses
  • Hiring and supervising staff
  • Dealing with clients

Yard managers may have started out as a stud hand or a yard person, so are likely to have a variety of hands-on experience, enabling them to work in all types of equestrian businesses. For example, an equestrian business focused on show horses and events may require the yard managers to prepare the horses for trials and races. In a riding school, yard managers may have to arrange lessons and select the horses for different riders.

Yard managers working in all types of equestrian business may also require experience in foaling (horse pregnancy and birth) and breeding.

All yard managers need to be actively interested in horses and having some riding ability is likely to be an extra benefit. Knowing how to treat horses and how to act around them is crucial for avoiding injury and for the proper care of the horse. Work is usually based outside, in all types of weather and it can be quite physically demanding.