Saturday, 20th April 2019


Traditionally, estate agency in its simplest form is being a middle man broker between those with properties that they want to sell or rent to people who are looking to buy or rent. Most people find letting or selling their own house difficult; it is hard to know where to begin to find someone who wants your property. Similarly it is hard to find the right home, with specific requirements such as location, size and budget.

Estate agents compile databases of houses within their area that are for sale or available to rent, as well as compiling addresses and contact details of those interested in buying or renting. It is their job to match up those that want to sell or rent out their home to those who want to buy or rent a property.

Estate agents are the hub of contact during the buying, renting or sale of a property. They must liaise not only with landlords, house-owners, and potential clients, but also with banks, surveyors and solicitors.

Being an estate agent involves having a wide local knowledge, great communication skills and the drive to make a sale quickly and effectively. The world of property and estate is constantly evolving, particularly with the fluctuation in house-prices and an increased trend in buy-to-let properties.