Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Estate agents are responsible for the selling and letting of different residential or commercial properties. A range of different jobs exist in the industry and it is the responsibility of the branch manager to oversee all tasks and transactions carried out by the employees. The branch will cover properties in one specific county, town or borough, therefore all members of staff need to be aware of the local schools, supermarkets, shops and public transport links so to be able to give correct valuations of properties. It is therefore the branch manager's responsibility to ensure the office is up-to-date with all local news and developments within the area.

Estate agent branch managers are responsible for the general management of the business on a day to day basis and are expected to work closely with staff to maximise income and profit from a range of services. They will have a hand in all aspects of the company and be in charge of setting new business goals and performance targets so to increase revenue. It is vital that they develop a team environment and ensure all members of the office are completing their tasks correctly. They are key members of the office as they ensure a smooth-running business and an increase in new developments and projects.

Area Manager

Promotion above a branch manager is an area manager - normally an individual who is put in charge of up to ten branches, often within one county. They must oversee the progress of the offices and ensure they are achieving the goals set whilst maintaining compliance with all relevant legislation.