Sunday, 21st April 2019


Event management is the strategic organisation of events, from meetings and conferences to parties, festivals and world-stage events such as film premieres and the Olympics. Events can be held for any number of reasons – celebrations, sporting, education, corporate, marketing, promotional or fundraising, leisure, religious, cultural or political.

With the growing scale of events around the world, putting on an event is approached like a project and needs to be managed as such, right from the planning all the way through to execution. Depending on the size of an event, management could involve from one or two to upwards of two hundred individuals all working in synch to ensure an event runs smoothly, on time and on budget. All factors need to be taken into account, including budgets, location and facilities, entertainment, catering, accommodation and marketing, therefore the scope of employment within the industry is fairly wide.

Over the last decade the industry has witnessed enormous growth and an increasing number of higher education institutions are now offering courses in disciplines relating to events management. Consequently, finding work within the industry can at times be highly competitive, depending on the area one chooses to work in.