Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


The hospitality and events trade employs thousands of cleaners and respective managers across the country.

Contract cleaning managers will aim to win contracts off different enterprises to provide premises cleaning services whenever required.

Each individual client will have their own set of demands and the manager must respond to and respect these.

Typical managerial responsibilities will make up much of the role, such as recruiting, training and developing staff, controlling budgets and generally keeping a close eye on all company activity, including marketing.

Providing a service to the highest possible standard on time and on budget is essential to success, as the cleaning industry has a very high rate of ‘business return’ meaning that if a job is done well the cleaners are likely to be employed again and recommended to other businesses.

Contract cleaning managers will find themselves involved in all levels of the business. It can prove to be a very hands on job and the hours can be demanding.