Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Within the restaurant and hospitality trade waiters and waitresses make up the vast majority of employed staff. For every chef, manager and owner there will be many more staff working on the restaurant 'floor'. Depending on the venue the number of waiters and waitresses can range from two or three upwards of 50.

A waiter or waitresses' main responsibility is to either look after a specific number of tables in their ‘section’, or look after all tables within a restaurant.

The restaurant staff form a bond between each other and generally they will help each other out if there is a need. Those with more experience are expected to help those new to the job. Remember, each restaurant is different and will have its own unique way of operating.

Waiters and waitresses will sometimes show customers to their tables and from there hand out menus and answer any questions arising from the menu and drinks selection. They will then take the orders and relay these to the kitchen. Whilst their food is being prepared, a waiter or waitress should attend to their tables with great diligence and ensure anything ordered is served promptly.

The waiter or waitresses will then serve the food from the kitchen and take any questions (or complaints) that customers may have.

Once customers are ready to leave they will present the bill and take payment.

Additional duties might include cleaning before or after service - hoovering, wiping down and polishing glasses - and making preparations for following service refilling condiments, laying tables, stocking fridges etc. to ensure no time is wasted.