Friday, 19th April 2019


Hairstylists are needed on film shoots and television sets to design and style the hair of actors and presenters. Depending on the scale of a production, a hairstylist might work alone or in a large team of stylists, along with makeup artists and wardrobe stylists. Most stylists will be well-trained and prepared to provide a wide range of services, such as cutting, dying, straightening, perming, washing and blow drying.

Similarly, on film and television sets and in theatre, a stylist will be responsible for creating the look of an actor or actress’ hair that best suits the character being portrayed. Hairstylists will liaise with the director and other heads of department, being briefed on the specific looks and styles required.

During the filming or broadcasting, the hairstylists need to remain on-hand to correct or touch-up the hair, as and when needed, sometimes removing product or starting from scratch. Singers and performers will usually have a hairstylist or a team of stylists to do their hair before appearing on stage, as will any guests that appear on a television show.

Most hairstylists will spend the majority of their time working with clients in salons and will be commissioned by a client to assist on a shoot. Others will be employed regularly by television production companies, such as news channels or soaps, to style the hair of actors and presenters.

Building up a good contact base and a respectable profile can result in hairstylists being requested specifically by some or high profile people to work on their hair continually.