Saturday, 20th April 2019


Re-recording mixers, formerly known as dubbing mixers, are sound technicians working with post-production sound departments and are involved in creating the full soundtrack for a film. Re-recording mixers work with the other members of a sound department to create a soundtrack, but are primarily responsible for ensuring that the sounds is correct, both stylistically and technically.

Areas that re-recording mixers are involved in include:

  • Dialogue - making sure the speech volumes and tones sound correct
  • Foley - the recording of live sounds to enhance the verisimilitude (realism) of the soundtrack
  • Sound effects - creating powerful and realistic sounds electronically
  • Music - choosing and mixing the music to accompany specific scenes

Re-recording mixers can also work as sound designers, who create sounds for sound effects. Re-recording mixers can work in both production and post-production, seeing the soundtrack through from start to finish. This can involve the mixers having to set the volume levels and position sounds before they are mixed in post-production.

Re-recording mixers will have extensive knowledge of acoustics, sound recording and post-production processes, normally gained through working up the ranks in audio post-production. The work involves long hours of highly technical work, and it can come with the added pressure of working under stressful conditions and finishing work to deadlines. They must fully understand the creative demands of the directors and producers and must be able to work under their exact instructions.

As with most film and television jobs, work is rewarding and challenging, changing from project to project.