Sunday, 21st April 2019


Set designers are responsible for the coordination, design, construction and erection of theatre, film or television sets. They are typically brought into a production at the very early stages so that they can begin to create a set that fits in with the director's vision of the play.

They must work closely with the director so to create scenery that is in keeping with the themes of the production whilst facing the complex logistics of staging. A proposal will be sketched out to ensure that no scenery interferes with the movements of the cast or cameras.

In some cases a preliminary model will be built of each scene and models photographed to produce a story board. This is then used as a bible by the craft workers who will build the stage and sets. Once the director and producers have signed off on the design, the designer will source a range of different props including furniture, draperies, pictures, lamps and rugs - anything that is to be used on set.

It is their responsibility to oversee the whole construction process and ensure that the budget and time schedule is adhered to. After rehearsals begin the set designer must remain on call to manage any further changes that are needed. The job is not over until opening night.