Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


The fire service is considered the hardest of all of the emergency services to become enrolled in. It requires extremely hard work, a high level of physical and mental strength and patience to progress. Some recruits wait years to become enrolled in the service and it can take up to a decade to gain a promotion. There are few job titles listed under the fire service section primarily because there is only one area to become involved in. All recruits must begin as a firefighter, there is no other way. Once they have passed the extremely taxing exams, both physical and mental, they will work for a station. Make no mistakes, even to get to this stage can take up to five years. Once fully enrolled, a firefighter will work from a station on a shift basis responding to call outs as and when required.

The fire service, as stated, is extremely competitive. Unlike other branches of the emergency services, candidates can only apply when stations are recruiting. Candidates who wish to work in the fire service should keep a close eye on their local stations for when they are next recruiting. Whilst they wait, individuals should already begin preparing for the physical and mental examinations. Being one step ahead and prepared when you finally get an interview will only help you to succeed.

There is a general list of attributes required and those wishing to become firefighters should seriously consider what they are going to be expected to do. Firefighters are the group that will be called upon to tackle various emergency situations where calmness and problem solving will prove essential. There are a range of 'typical' situations; putting out fires, rescuing people from buildings, dealing with collapsed structures, clearing up chemical spills, rescuing from traffic accidents. In all of these situations being decisive, quick and calm can make the difference between life and death. People in these situations will be distressed and panicked; the firefighter must be the antithesis of this.

As well as working at accidents, firefighters are also responsible for educating the community about fire, its risks and its possible preventions.

It is always worth remembering that the fire service does also employ people for other vital job roles, such as accountants and technicians.

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