Sunday, 21st April 2019


As the world of fashion continuously evolves so too does the hairdressing industry. Hairdressing is one of the oldest and most world-renowned of all beauty services. It is, however, no longer about just getting a haircut, it is a career that holds vast opportunities, is highly creative and offers an on the job learning experience available to all, qualified or not.

With the world becoming ever more image driven, hairdressing has become a beauty essential that factors into almost everybody’s existence. It is a luxury that everyone looks forward to. It is very rewarding as it has the power to change and improve a person’s look and has the ability to make the customer feel like a new person.

Hairdressing offers the opportunity to work in many different creative industries, such as film, television, fashion, theatre and music. It also offers the opportunity for being your own boss and be more flexible with your working hours. There are currently 35,704 hairdressing salons in the UK and continues to be one of the fastest growing industries in the health and beauty market.