Thursday, 25th April 2019


Colour technicians work in salons primarily, although some of the very best can be found working exclusively in television, film and the theatre.

Colour technicians will consult clients who wish to change, alter or boost the colour of their hair. They must talk thoroughly with the client to discuss the desired effects and find out exactly what it is that is demanded.

They will also offer advice based on their experience about what they believe to be the best, most fashionable and ultimately flattering look to go for. Changing the colour of someone’s hair can and does alter their look enormously. Technicians need to be aware of this and be able to tell a client if they think they are mistaken.

The job of altering hair colour is a complex one and requires great experience to be truly successful. Colour technicians must mix colours and bleach to reach exactly the right colour and shade of dye required. They will know from the client whether they wish the alterations to be temporary, semi-permanent or permanent.

Colour technicians can provide a whole range of colour options, including rinse, dye, frosting, tinting, highlighting and lowlighting.