Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Hairdressers are some of the best known professionals within the health and beauty industry. Not only are they required regularly by the majority of the population, but both men and women use their services.

The life of a hairdresser is a busy one and throughout the day they have many duties to perform. Initially they will provide all clients with a consultation to find out exactly what they want and offer any advice to the client should they be asked to. The hair is then washed, cut and styled. Depending on the customer the hairdresser may also perm, colour or tint the hair. Following the completion of the haircut the hairdresser may offer products and will take payment.

Most hairdressers are based in salons and will work five or six days a week, with Saturday being the busiest day. If they are self-employed they can hire ‘a chair’ inside a salon from which they can see their clients and scope out new business.

The hairdressing world is subject to rapid change depending on the current styles. Hairdressers need to be at the forefront of this and implement these new trends.

Retention of clients is paramount to the success of a hairdresser. Return business will see the reputation of both the hairdresser and the salon they practice from grow.