Friday, 19th April 2019


Trichology consultants treat hair and scalp disorders and problems. In recent years and with the arrival of laser technology they also aid those suffering from hair loss. The other name for hair loss specialists is Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) specialists. All kinds of factors can cause scalp problems or hair loss, including stress, diet and (mal)nutrition.

The procedure is complex and is more medically based than most other health & beauty careers. The process begins with diagnosis which can be difficult due to the range of problems that can arise with the scalp and the skin. The consultant will then advise of treatment, particularly with the use of tonics, lotions and ointments. In the more extreme cases, including for hair replacement, laser technology is used which can put the client at risk unless all necessary precautions are taken.

In the United Kingdom no trichology consultants belong to the NHS; it is all done privately. In the field of health and beauty trichology consultants are known as ‘hair doctors’ or ‘hair scientists’.

The main role of the trichologist is to prevent further hair loss or scalp irritation and stimulate hair growth. Being scientific and a popular venture, nowadays the subject is constantly modernising and techniques changing. As a result, consultants need to be aware of all developments including any regulations that affect their work.