Saturday, 20th April 2019


Wig designers/retailers are charged with the design, fitting and selling of wigs and hairpieces in salons, department stores or in speciality shops. Wig fitters will sometimes work closely with people who have lost their hair through illness.

Wig stylists must be extremely creative and have excellent vision in order to select the right wig for the customer. They must take into account face and bone structure, colouring of eyebrows and skin and the shape of the scalp. Once they have assessed all these factors, they will present the client with a number of options which they will narrow down together until the correct and most suitable wig is selected.

Once the wig has been selected the wig stylist will trim and shape the wig and ensure that it fits to perfection and the client understands how to fit it.

Wig stylists must ensure the client knows how to look after the wig as, unsurprisingly, they are not cheap and can require a lot of maintenance. Treatments and lotions are available for both the scalp and the wig itself which the wig retailer will try and promote. Selling related products can be very important to the business.

Private use aside, wigs are big in TV, film and theatre. The very best will work on these industries to provide actors and actresses with wigs for different roles. This is an extremely competitive aspect of the profession, usually reserved for those with vast experience.