Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Her Majesty’s Prisons (HM Prisons) are responsible for overseeing all of the prisons for offenders and criminals within the United Kingdom. Scottish and Irish prisons have slight differences with their set up but, broadly speaking, they are run in the same manner.

In total there are 131 prisons that come under the remit of HM Prisons which employ circa 45,000 staff. HM Prisons are strictly regulated both for the safety of the staff and the prisoners. Their aims are to look after prisoners humanely and decently, retain control of all situations at all times and most importantly rehabilitate prisoners for the outside world when they come to the end of their term of service.

Working in the prison system can be very rewarding. Very few jobs offer such a chance to interact with affected people and try to rehabilitate them to an extent where their lives are law abiding and fulfilling.

Guards and all other staff tend to work in small teams who are responsible for individual sections of a prison. As a result teamwork is essential.

The prison system offers its staff generous pay, long holiday allowances and a good pension.