Tuesday, 23rd April 2019


Not all of us are blessed with the gift of DIY skills or being endlessly practical. Sometimes, or often, in the home, things need maintaining or repairing and we rely on skilled professionals to do the jobs we can’t or simply don’t have the time to do.

The Utilities and Maintenance industry incorporates a number of trades which contribute to the ‘wellbeing’ of our homes and work spaces, including:

  • Land work, such as gardening, landscaping and tree maintenance
  • Plumbing systems
  • Decorating, painting, plastering and cosmetic work
  • Insulation, window fitting and roofing
  • Security systems, CCTV and locks
  • General maintenance, cleaning and household work

There is growing demand for people with manual skills in the UK, particularly in trades such as plumbing and decorating. Some businesses offering these sorts of home maintenance and repair businesses comprise just one or a few highly-skilled individuals, or handy-men, who can perform a wide range of tasks, from decorating to gardening. There are also large businesses which employ specialists with certain expertise, such as chimney sweeping or roofing.

Home maintenance and repair often goes hand in hand with home improvement and many businesses or individuals will work in both. Many people who work in maintenance, repair and improvement will work both in the home and for commercial clients, in retail spaces and offices.

For professionals with the right set of skills, work can be found across the country, in cities and in remote areas, and abroad. In this job path, a large majority of professionals will be either self-employed or working for a business that employs 10 or less people. Building a large and loyal client base is all important for all professions in this sector, especially if planning to become self-employed at some point. Good people skills will go along way, but gaining the proper skills and industry qualifications required for the role is all-important.