Wednesday, 24th April 2019


The image of the chimney sweep has come a long way since the times of Oliver Twist and Mary Poppins and modern day chimney sweeps have a much wider array of skills, given that the number of styles of chimney and flue has increased enormously.

It is not just wood-burning fireplaces that are used in modern households and domestic heating and ventilation systems now more commonly rely on coal, oil and gas.

Additionally, since the health risks associated with the profession have become better-known and, consequently, more easily avoidable, training that professional chimney sweeps must undergo is fairly rigorous.

Chimney sweeps will need to familiar themselves with a selection of equipment, from brushes to machines and cameras. Working hours are often the same as other maintenance professions, i.e. between 8 and 9am and 5pm. Some may choose to work over weekends.

As well as sweeping and cleaning, chimney sweeps can also be called upon to inspect chimney flues before building work is carried out.