Sunday, 19th May 2019


Professional gardeners work in growing and maintaining all types of plants in a variety of locations. They are employed to manage the open spaces, either in public parks and gardens, school or sports grounds, hotels, businesses and private homes. This is a profession ideal for people who are passionate about gardening and horticulture and want a job outdoors.

As a gardener there are a range of activities that can be required by an employer. Clients may simply require that their outdoor open spaces are kept tidy, or they require gardeners to plant different flowers or plants and design the gardens, in order to improve the outdoor aesthetics of the property. A vast knowledge of horticulture and gardening practices is required, and gardeners are expected to be able to use all types of equipment. Sometimes they may work in design and construction areas, but many simply attend their client’s existing gardens.

Typical duties could include some of the following:

  • Cutting grass and hedges with mowers and strimmers
  • Edging lawns
  • Pruning plants and bushes
  • Laying compost and bark around plants.
  • Clearing and planting flower beds
  • Checking the health of plants and spraying against disease and pests
  • Clearing leaves and litter
  • Clearing small trees or bushes if overgrown
  • Recycling garden rubbish
  • Maintaining equipment

Some gardeners may take on more heavy duty tasks, such as digging pathways, patios putting up garden sheds and fences.

Gardeners will often need to use a range of hand-tools and machinery, ranging from secateurs to motor powers leave blowers or sit-on mowers. Those working in public parks or larger areas are likely to have more industrial machinery to operate. Gardeners working on large areas such as parks are likely to work in a small team rather than working alone.

Gardeners that work in private homes are likely to be self-employed, or work for a small locally-run business. Those working in parks are more likely to be employed by local councils or building services companies. Landscape gardening companies may employ gardeners with advanced skills and experience.