Friday, 19th April 2019


Roofers work in the construction and repair of all types of roofs. It is a highly skilled role which can require many different actions, including slating, tiling and waterproofing. It is important that roofs are correctly insulated and waterproofed, so that homes and businesses are protected from the elements. Homes and businesses may need to employ roofers to fix leaks, re-tile old roofs, or waterproof flat roofs on high-rise buildings.

There are two types of roofs that roofers are likely to work on: sloped roofs, which usually require slating and tiling, or flat roofs, which are need to be covered by waterproof bitumen layer or felt sheets. Roofers, therefore, need to have a range of different skills to be able to work on a wider range of projects.

Roofers may work alone or as part of a small team, depending on the size of the business and the project.

Typical duties are likely to include the following:

  • Setting up scaffolding and safety harnesses (where required)
  • Removing or repairing broken tiles or slates
  • Inspecting the roof timbers to check that they are in good shape
  • Measuring and cutting materials to size and shape
  • Fitting roof materials by hand
  • Waterproofing roofs with mortar or synthetic cement
  • Giving quotes
  • Ordering supplies and materials

This profession is closely tied with other construction jobs such as joining, plumbing and builders. Some roofers might choose to specialise in more unusual roofing techniques such as thatching or lead work which have much stricter guidelines and use of materials.

A lot of roofers will be self-employed or working for a small independent company. However, there are opportunities available with local government, public organisations and construction companies.