Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Accommodation managers usually specialise in one area of practice: Private Sector or Public Sector. They oversee all accommodation provided and ensure levels of satisfaction among clients and customers remain high.

The role is generally supervisory but there may be opportunities for ‘hands on’ work should the need arise. The ability to manage people and communicate effectively is absolutely essential; Managers must coordinate with both their staff and their superiors and deal efficiently with any problems materialising from either side.

Managers must be quick on their feet and be able to make confident, informed and often important decisions with regards to their duties. They are told to be proactive and not reactive and, when situations arise, will have to deal with emergencies on site.

Private Sector

The major areas of practice are medium and large hotels, cruise ships and conference centres. Customers and clients will demand a particular level of cleanliness and maintenance and the manager must ensure this is these expectations are upheld, organising the repair and maintenance of the premises whenever necessary. For this, they will be required to possess in-depth knowledge of all regulations concerning health and safety and hygiene. Control of budget for both the accommodation and stock levels is something a manager will also often oversee.

Managers will look after sometimes large teams of staff and will therefore be responsible for designing, negotiating and implementing staff rotas and training and developing both new and existing staff.

In the private sector, the larger hotel chains and hospitality companies will usually offer greater responsibility and therefore greater pay.

Public Sector

The major areas of practice are university halls of residence, NHS Hospitals, government run care homes and housing associations.

Similarly to the Private Sector, accommodation managers working in the Public Sector are responsible for ensuring that all accommodation and residences meet a satisfactory standard for the people living in them. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of both staff and clients is paramount.

Supervising the work of all staff and providing feedback from residents to third parties and is also an important duty which the manager will usually perform.

Working for the government gives employees the chance to make important decisions for both individuals and entire communities.