Thursday, 25th April 2019


Hotels employ a vast number of people in the hospitality industry and all around the world. Around 90% of people leaving their homes to make a trip will stay in a hotel of some description and, once they enter through the doors, they are under the care of the hotel employees.

Roles available in hotels include:

Housekeeping - cleaning the rooms and communal areas of the hotels ensuring they are clean, safe and looking their best for new and current customers alike.

Waiters and waitresses - they are employed in hotel restaurants and bars, servicing customers and providing the pleasant dining experience they will undoubtedly expect.

Baggage porters - porters help customers with their luggage and show them to their rooms.

Reception and concierge - these are the first to greet guests when they first arrive and will manage their bookings and payments. Throughout a guest's stay the reception and concierge should be on hand to help out with any problems or questions a guest may have, such as suggesting or organising local activities, booking transport and restaurants and solving individual complaints.

The hotel industry is one of the best renowned for employing individuals with no qualifications or prior work experience. The hierarchy is one based on experience and natural ability. A display of these will result in subsequent promotion and increased responsibility.

The hotel industry has many roles available and does not discriminate against age of employees, i.e. they will often employ people under 18 and over 16 years old. It is therefore ideal for those leaving school.

Hotels provide the opportunity to progress quickly, comprising an interesting and diverse range of jobs and frequent interaction with fellow staff and customers.

Some hotels offer benefits to their employees which can include ‘living in’ or on site. This is a particular feature of independently run hotels when an employee will be asked to help out in a range of jobs and be on call 24 hours a day.