Friday, 19th April 2019


Youth hostel managers oversee all aspects of a hostel. As hostels tend to have smaller marketing budgets they find custom from word of mouth and the internet. The manager must ensure the atmosphere is friendly and his guests are happy with service when they leave and all of their needs have been catered for during their stay to ensure positive feedback. Proficiency on the internet and being efficient with responses to bookings is a must.

This is a hands on role and tasks and duties are varied. The manager will interact with all guests and will have to provide a varied range of information particularly if the hostel is in a tourist area. Managers control control budget setting and delivery to ensure the accommodation remains profitable.

If the hostel provides food then they must design menus and employ appropriate staff. Training, advising and controlling staff is essential and the ability to delegate tasks so the manager can concentrate on more senior matters is crucial.