Saturday, 20th April 2019


Insurance claims inspectors deal with people who make claims on insurance policies. They are employed directly by insurance companies, to investigate claims determining the liability and negotiating fair payments. Insurance claims inspectors can also be known as insurance claims managers or investigators.

Insurance claims inspectors will oversee the claim from the initial contact all the way until completion. There are many different types of insurance that claims inspectors can work in, including health, home, motor, travel and pet insurance. Some insurance claims inspectors might work in all these areas, for general insurance companies.

Depending on the area of insurance, insurance claims inspectors will investigate claims on motor accidents, burglary or personal injuries whilst abroad. Ultimately, it is the decision of the insurance claims inspector which determines whether a claim is accepted or rejected.

General duties will include:

  • Taking policy-holder details
  • Issuing claim forms
  • Advising customers
  • Checking claims
  • Gathering evidence and information to support the claim
  • Making sure the correct premiums have been paid
  • Checking the policy restrictions
  • Arranging straightforward payments
  • Liaising with external professionals such as doctors, police etc.
  • Contacting tradesmen to issue repairs covered by insurance
  • Evaluating evidence and deciding on liability
  • Keeping records of claims

Sometimes claims inspectors will receive fraudulent claims. They must work to ensure that they prevent fraud, and may have to reject some claims if they are not genuine. Insurance claims inspectors need to be able to handle confidential, and sometimes sensitive, information – using good judgement and analytical skills to provide the fairest result.