Sunday, 19th May 2019


Applications developer can be a misleading term, particularly with the illumination of mobile ‘Apps’ in recent years. The role of applications developers is, in fact, one of the oldest within the IT sector. Their principle responsibility is to turn requirements for computer development into usable code for programmers to upload.

Most applications developers spend years training to specialise in one particular type of program or working with an individual brand of computer. Writing code is in itself a different language and most graduates will spend the majority of their time at university learning and practicing this skill.

From initial idea stage, applications developers will write code, build it, test it and remain on call should the systems need improving or reworking. Due to the many stages involved, applications developers will usually form part of a team. In terms of ‘building’ computers, applications developers are instrumental. They write the bare bones so to speak of what makes a computer function.

Applications developers must have a full understanding of the programmes they are writing and they will monitor them constantly to see if improvements can be made.

Once a programme has been written and uploaded most application developers will write manuals to accompany their work in case those using it need immediate support.