Friday, 19th April 2019


There are three main areas in which those involved in IT sales will practice: presales; sales; and post-sales.

Presales specialists will have an excellent knowledge of the latest products on the market and will know exactly what their capabilities are. It is also important for them to promote the systems they are selling directly to individuals asking, for example, how their systems could be improved.

Sales specialists must actually broker deals between their company and the individual or business buying their products. They must be able to negotiate commercially and ensure both the buyer and supplier are happy with the agreed and transacted price.

Post-sale support ensures there are no problems with the goods and will maintain contact with the buyer in case any issues arise.

IT sales individuals need not only have computer knowledge but others can help. Sound business sense and product understanding are key to being able to make the sales they are required to. Most will always be on the look out for new business and as a result they must be good communicators, confident and able to negotiate. At all times they must present their products in the best possible light.

It is crucial to understand that this role rarely involves working in a shop; IT sales is usually aimed at high-end clients with a sound existing knowledge of computers who are making multi-million pound transactions.