Thursday, 23rd May 2019


Those working within IT support are primarily employed to monitor and maintain computer systems, the computers themselves and any networks they are linked up to. In smaller companies, the IT technicians will be expected to be able to do this role alongside others. However, in large businesses and corporations, IT support is an entirely separate entity and the project leader will usually have those underneath all striving to maintain and improve the IT infrastructure.

With the speed at which the world of computing and IT now moves, IT support workers must be sure to constantly update their systems and understand the latest implications of any changes. Those not specially trained in IT will come to them for help so a large facet of their job is training all individuals within a company. In today’s world there simply cannot be a scenario in which computers simply fail. IT support workers ensure this stays the case.

IT support is a broad term for individuals employed to maintain and resolve issues. They are sometimes referred to as help desk, (IT) technicians, maintenance or applications specialists.

IT support workers bring technical knowledge to business. They must have an overall understanding of the business, its needs, and the ways in which it relies on IT to succeed and grow.

Within the modern world of IT, security, confidentiality, data storage and the risk posed by hacking are all important things to consider. IT support must understand all of these and implement systems that can protect both their own business and the businesses they support.