Sunday, 19th May 2019


IT networks are now commonplace in most if not all businesses. Network engineers are responsible for these networks and ensure they are reliable, efficient and that they work to the best of their capabilities in supporting the business and the staff within it.

Network engineers can work in different factions. Those in smaller firms with a more generic IT role could be expected to look after the network as part of their everyday responsibilities. In larger businesses, particularly corporations with many offices, network engineering will be its own division within IT. They will work from the central IT system and ensure the network is failsafe.

The job is mainly teamwork based with individuals in network engineers specialising in different areas. As a result there are many other terms for the role; network support, support engineer, IT support, engineers, helpdesk, network administrator.

On a day to day basis, network engineers will control the database, help with problems, control users and ensure accesses are correct, run the email accounts, back up work and ensure hardware is proficient.