Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Broadcast journalists’ research, write and present features and news stories for electronic broadcast media including television, radio and online, on a local, regional and national scale. They can cover all areas of interest with many specialising in a certain field. Correspondents will report from a particular geographical location.

News teams will allocate stories to reporters who will research material and write scripts before submitting it to an editor for approval.

Journalists must ensure that their work is well written, concise, pertinent, and that it follows the style and reflects the viewpoint of the channel or station from which it will be broadcast. They must therefore keep up to date with trends and developments relating to the station or television channel and the audience.

They attend meetings in order to discuss ideas for stories which would be interesting to the audience and will research the subject in depth, which may involve preparing, conducting, transcribing and summarising interviews and following leads from emergency services and the general public.

Journalism is the general term which covers a vast selection of job positions at all levels. For example the people working both at the bottom and the very top of an editorial hierarchy are all journalists. The title broadcast journalist can encompass a whole host of roles from reporter through editor to news presenter.