Friday, 19th April 2019


News correspondents are journalists who report the news and concentrate on a specific geographical location or subject, e.g. Middle East Correspondent, Financial Correspondent, Healthcare Correspondent. They gather information surrounding events and report it either to a broadcaster or to a live audience.

News broadcasters cannot have offices or bureaus in every town in every country, therefore correspondents are stationed in locations where news stories are breaking or are likely to break, so they can collect information from a variety of local sources: interviews; news agencies; and press conferences, and relay it to their supervisors.

Foreign correspondents are posted abroad and will generally have in-depth knowledge, or speak the language of the country from which they are reporting.

Some correspondents will be experts in a certain field and will report exclusively on events relating to their expertise. For example a political correspondent will only report news surrounding political events.

War correspondents are posted in war zones in order that they can offer the most up-to-date take on events and developments. This is an extremely hazardous form of journalism.