Sunday, 21st April 2019


The editorial designer, or design editor, is responsible for all aspects relating to the design, visual aesthetics and layout of a publication.

They will arrange the layout throughout the publication, conforming to the style of the newspaper or magazine and working closely with writers and editors to ensure coherence between text and image. The work of an editorial director will involve spending a lot of time using computers and design software.

They will commission artists, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers to supply work and, where necessary, will need to obtain copyright or distribution permission from the supplier or subject of an image.

In some publications, the editorial designer may also be in charge of online content, layout and design. This depends on the size of and number of people employed by a publication as some may have an online editor who works exclusively with online content.

In large newspaper or magazine publishing companies the editorial designer will have to manage a team of designers and oversee all work they produce. He or she, in turn, will report to either a creative director, managing editor or the editor-in-chief.