Wednesday, 24th April 2019


A features editor will be employed by a newspaper or magazine to generate ideas for, research, write and edit features. It is the responsibility of the features editor to ensure that all subjects are engaging and relevant to the readership of the publication. They will often hold meetings with other members of the editorial team to discuss ideas and vote on popular topics.

They will manage a team of features writers and also commission staff and freelance writers to produce material for the publication. They are responsible for writing briefs and negotiating terms with internal and external writers, regarding budgets, material content and deadlines.

Any work submitted to the publication which is deemed sub-standard can be sent back to the author with a request for a rewrite from the features editor. It is their responsibility to ensure that all features act as an accurate signifier of the publications viewpoint.

The features editor will work closely with photographers and the pictures department on illustration and page layout. They may even assist on photo shoots and conduct interviews themselves.

In smaller publications the editor may perform the role of features editor.