Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Managing editor is one of the highest ranking positions in a publication’s team. In the editorial hierarchy the managing editor comes second after the editor (editor-in-chief).

The role of the managing editor is to assist the editor, often with day to day, non-creative aspects of the publication, such as budgets and new hires. They will normally be present at interviews when hiring writers and designers and would need to approve budgets before a commissioning editor could agree terms with an external contributor.

The managing editor will also occasionally oversee creative projects, including design and layout of a publication.

They will provide a point of contact between in-house and external departments, such as editorial, advertising, publishing and authors, and will ensure that different members of staff are working together effectively.

They will be responsible for supervising and managing other members of staff in their department, ensuring that pay is distributed correctly and settling any disputes where necessary.