Sunday, 21st April 2019


Production editors are employed across the whole media spectrum – by newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, websites and in advertising agencies. They are in charge of overseeing all aspects of production before a product is due to be published.

They will work on a variety of aspects relating to production, such as editorial and visual content, design and layout and will work with all members of a team, including those working freelance and externally.

The production editor will liaise with senior editors, writers and designers to establish a production schedule. They will then need to keep track of all progress and maintain close contact with contributors to ensure that all submission deadlines are met. Furthermore they will often have to arrange printing schedules and uphold relationships with printing companies.

They often need to verify all facts and figures featured in a text before it is due to be published to ensure that all content is correct and that it poses no problems relating to copyright.

In newspapers and magazines which also publish material online, the production editor will sometimes oversee content to be uploaded, sometimes deciding how text and visuals can be rearranged to suit the digital format.

They may be in charge of distribution of a title. For this they will need to liaise with magazine or newspaper sellers and agencies.

Depending on the size of the newspaper or magazine publisher, the production editor may have to work on the commercial aspects like negotiating advertising slots. Most large publications will have a media team that does just this.