Thursday, 23rd May 2019


The leisure industry is vast and many of the branches within it could be considered industries themselves. It offers a huge range of jobs at varying degrees of responsibility and pay. To enter the profession there are few formal structures, therefore those with the ability, skillsets and enthusiasm will excel. At higher level demands are made on experience and a proven track record of success.

The leisure industry is highly involved with public interaction and customer service. Many of the outlets and areas that leisure is concerned with rely on return business. Those employed must ensure their clients and customers are happy and impressed with the services of leisure that they have to offer.

Pay is not as high as it can be in other industries; however, job satisfaction scores highly amongst employees. For those that wish to succeed it will help if the leisure-based job is an extension of an interest they already harbour. For example if you love films and wish for a career in the business then working in a cinema will be a good place to start. The leisure industry will happily accept employees from the age of 16 upwards which is extremely rare.

Leisure is fast growing and rapidly changing. New innovations and public interest can often sway what will be the newest and most popular trend, and having the ability to adapt and think like the customer enables you to progress.