Thursday, 23rd May 2019


The cinema is big business. In most people’s lives now a trip to the movies is commonplace. As a result, thousands of staff nationwide are employed to service the great need of the customer. Roles can range from being a cash teller all the way up to a manager of one or a number of cinemas. Cinemas are a place for people to have fun and the jobs there follow in this vein being both lively and enjoyable.

Cinema employees will mainly work for large chain groups but there are opportunities to work for independent outfits. With the decline of independent cinemas those employed within this branch will have a more hands on role and be expected to help out in all areas to ensure success.

At present the cinema industry is seen as a good one to get into. Movies and their subsequent production have continued to increase for the past 30 years and the industry shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. Promotion is relatively quick when compared to some other industries; those who begin work at the ground level and work their way up will find themselves in a better position and qualification when it comes to management.

Managers of cinemas will have the overall run of the venue. Included in their remit is training, appraising and encouraging staff, keeping financial records, setting budgets, controlling marketing, compliance with relevant regulations and maintaining standards. Managers will have to report to senior managers of the cinema chain and the job can prove to be stressful at times.