Sunday, 19th May 2019


Broadly speaking, social clubs now include fitness centres, spas, beauty therapy outlets and social facilities. Often these will be twinned or adjoined to a hotel, particularly the larger hotels. Managers of either or all of these will be in charge of the general overseeing of the premises, ensuring all runs smoothly and to maximum efficiency.

Managers are less concerned with what aspect of leisure club they are running and more concerned with the role of manager itself. Managers must be adaptable and if you have a certain leisure activity you have previously worked in or enjoy you should apply in this field. If, for example, you enjoy physical fitness and have experience in gyms you should apply to be a manager in this domain.

Managers’ roles can be stressful and demand hard work and good business sense. Some of the main areas you will be expected to contribute to are:

  • Liaising with all staff on a regular basis
  • Recruitment and training of new staff
  • Maintaining high standards and ensure customer satisfaction
  • Coordination of memberships
  • Organising functions and events within the club to maximise its potential
  • Budgeting and controlling outgoing costs rigorously
  • Ensuring all equipment is in good working order and all relevant regulations, such as health and safety, are complied with.