Saturday, 20th April 2019


Outdoor pursuits managers run centres that provide a range of sports practiced outdoors. It is not only the equipment that must be provided for but also safe facilities and instruction. Outdoor pursuits are not ‘mainstream’ sports and are considered specialist. As a result, those that participate need to be looked after and told what to do at every step. Sports include cycling, canoeing, sailing, horse riding, extreme running and climbing.

Managers must source reliable, friendly and competent instructors as most people that attend will require guidance. They will have considerable responsibility placed upon them. Health and safety and relevant regulations must be abided by and practiced at all times. The facilities must be clean and meet the expectations of the client.

Managers and their staff will come into contact with a whole range of different clientele. School trips will make up a large portion of their business but in recent years so too will office workers on their team-building days out. With all, the manager must be on hand to help out, take control and deal with any complaints that may arise during the pursuits.

Some centres, particularly ones where people are there for longer than a day, will provide accommodation and food. The centre manager must oversee all of these aspects and be certain they are at the standards expected by the clientele.