Sunday, 19th May 2019


In recent years it has become apparent that theme parks cannot be ignored. You must know what theme parks are like in the summer – there is barely room to grab donuts or squeeze onto the latest big-dipping, adrenaline-inducing roller coaster. Theme parks are not only vastly popular but they are also very good at making money. To work efficiently and well they require two things: lots of willing staff and a very good manager.

As manager you would be in a very high-pressured role and would have to report to funders and the board of directors whilst overseeing the entire park. From the moment a customer walks excitedly through the gates to the moment they drive out of the car park they must have their expectations met. Paying customers will expect the best and managers must deliver.

Managers must have a very good business and commercial brain on them. They should be aware of all competition and developments within their industry and be sure that their park is at the cutting edge to maintain popularity and ticket prices at their level. In bigger parks there will usually be a number of managers who will oversee the activity of all staff and may only look after one aspect of the park in their remit; even so, in the biggest parks this is still a serious responsibility. Some managers work as freelancers and are hired by individual parks to run them.