Wednesday, 24th April 2019


Plant and production managers are responsible for the forward planning and general control of the manufacturing, maintenance and distribution processes that take part in factories, plants and warehouses. They ensure that all products are produced according to design, specification, cost and efficiency. The role is highly complex and demands great organisation and methodical thinking. There are many roles which fall under the title of plant and production manager and job responsibilities will vary from employer to employer.

Plant managers start with production schedules and budgets and meet with senior management and staff to build manufacturing strategies and ensure that targets are feasible. All products must be produced on time and of the quality demanded and, in order to achieve this, the manager may have to hire more people nearer to deadlines.

The management of all costs and spending will fill a large portion of a production manager's workload.

The manager is the link between ground staff and senior management, ensuring all are happy and productive in what they are doing. Finally, the manager must take command of any regulation and health and safety issues that affect the plant or staff.

The role demands multiple skills, combining elements of design, marketing, maths, sales, finance, manufacturing and business. The role can also be highly stressful and managers will often be expected to work very long hours, particularly when hitting delivery or production deadlines.